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buildings and constructions design
construction projects
technical equipment supply and assembly


Building Street Ltd provides the following construction services:

  • Geodetic survey at construction sites
  • Pre-construction works
  • Earthwork operations
  • Drillings
  • Pileworks. Grouting
  • Concrete and in-situ reinforced concrete monolithic constructions
  • Cast-in-place concrete and in-situ reinforced concrete constructions assembly
  • Drilling and blasting operations during construction works
  • Masonry structures works
  • Steel structures assembly
  • Wood structures assembly
  • Structural steel, pipeline and equipment protection
  • Roof coating
  • Façade works
  • Installation of buildings and constructions utility systems and equipment
  • Exterior piping installation
  • Exterior sewer network installation
  • Exterior heating network installation
  • Exterior electric grid and cable links installation
  • Oil and gas sites construction
  • Assembly works
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Moto-roads and airdromes construction
  • Construction compliance monitoring
  • Construction, reconstruction and major repairs projects